Use HandArmor™ in all public situations, like ATM machines, grocery stores, gas stations, elevator buttons and more. 

What is HandArmor™?

HandArmor™ is a complete hand hygiene system, that is safe, portable and effective. It consists of a microfiber cloth mitt on a retractable cord, which conveniently clips to belts, pockets, blouses, skirts and lanyards. The mitt is used in place of a glove to touch or grab objects and open doors and a spray bottle is included to disinfect the mitt. HandArmor™ is perfect for:

  • Office environments and returning safely to work
  • Commuting – use to avoid touching common surfaces on metros, buses & rideshares
  • Grocery stores and shopping
  • Public restrooms

For orders of 100 units or more, or for any other sales inquiries, contact [email protected].

What is MetroMitt™?

MetroMitt is designed for the average public transit commuter who desires to travel safely with peace of mind. Used to prevent direct contact with unclean surfaces, you are left to freely reach out for handrails, door handles, and other common high touch surfaces such as buttons on elevators and fare card dispensers.

Consisting of a fast-drying microfiber mitt and a 26-inch retractable cord, MetroMitt is perfect for the on-the-go commuter. The system is ready to use right out of its packaging, leaving you prepared in any situation.

Get back to your commute, and gain some peace of mind as you ride.

The Product

The HandArmor™ system is comprised of four pieces including a microfiber cloth mitt, clip and reel, spray bottle and the hook and loop belt clip. The microfiber mitt measures 10.5″ x 6.5″ inches and the complete product weighs 8 ounces when the spray bottle is filled with a typical disinfectant. The spray bottle attaches to the clip with velcro to provide easy access at all time. Click here for our product flyer.

Microfiber Cloth Mitt

Clip and Reel

Spray Bottle

Hook and Loop Belt Clip

Overview Video