MetroMitt is designed for the average public transit commuter who desires to travel safely with peace of mind. Used to prevent direct contact with unclean surfaces, you are left to freely reach out for handrails, door handles, and other common high touch surfaces such as buttons on elevators and fare card dispensers.

Consisting of a fast-drying microfiber mitt and a 26-inch retractable cord, MetroMitt is perfect for the on-the-go commuter. The system is ready to use right out of its packaging, leaving you prepared in any situation.

Get back to your commute, and gain some peace of mind as you ride.

TO USE: Simply insert your hand into the mitt to touch, grab or open objects and doors. When the mitt is no longer needed, slip your hand out and the mitt retracts back to your hip, ready for its next use.
CARE: MetroMitt is machine washable and dryer safe.

For orders of 100 units or more, or for any other sales inquiries, contact [email protected].

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