HandArmor™  Use & Care

1. HandArmor is designed to clip to your belt. Using the Velcro tabs, you can clip both the spray bottle and the microfiber cloth mitt to either one side, or both your left and right side.

2. Prior to touching an elevator button, or opening a door handle, place your hand into the microfiber cloth mitt pocket. 

3. Once your hand is securely in the pocket, grab the spray bottle and apply it to the exterior of the microfiber cloth mitt. 

4. Keeping your hand within the microfiber cloth mitt, proceed to grab the handle or push the elevator buttons and open the door.

Microfiber Cloth Mitt
Dimensions: 10 1/2 inches tall by 6 1/2 inches wide

Spray Bottle
Dimensions: 3 inches tall by 1 inch wide, 2 Ounce Bottle

Belt Clip
Dimensions: 2 inches tall by 1/2 inch wide. Two Hook and Loop fasteners

HandArmor Reel Belt Clip
Dimensions: 3 inches tall by 1 inch wide. Extends 26 inches.